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Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur - Partner Fire Eating Duo
Fire Eating Tech! // SHADE FLAMEWATER
Hula hoop featuring Emma Kenna & Astral 'Evoke' Hoops
Ball & boxes - Contact juggling with Cigar Boxes - Ed Cliffe
Hypnotic Hoop & Ribbon Skills - Sky Flow Artist - vanloop
7 Hoop split! - Hannah Carter - vanloop
Promotional Video 2018 - Steamship Circus
Hula Hoop Act "Very Fragile" by Kristin Lahoop 2019


Graduates from the various circus schools across the UK (including Circomedia & National Centre for Circus Arts based in London) are regularly in need of high quality corporate style promotional videos which quickly and effectively showcase their unique skills & style to potential clients & booking agencies. 

These edits must retain attention without distracting from the performance with unnecessary effects or rapid cutting. In contrast a great deal of effort must be put into using natural film & editing language to enhance the performance, revealing to the viewer a greater degree of understanding of the act. 

For example, the ability to condense a ten minute narrative into ten seconds, whilst still conveying the story in the most efficient way possible.