Graduates from the various circus schools across the UK (including Circomedia & National Centre for Circus Arts based in London) are regularly in need of high quality corporate style promotional videos which quickly and effectively showcase their unique skills & style to potential clients & booking agencies. 

These edits must retain attention without distracting from the performance with unnecessary effects or rapid cutting. In contrast a great deal of effort must be put into using natural film & editing language to enhance the performance, revealing to the viewer a greater degree of understanding of the act. 

For example, the ability to condense a ten minute narrative into ten seconds, whilst still conveying the story in the most efficient way possible.

Music Video


Modern bands rely as much on their online image as their music to gain fans & sell merchandise. Music videos allow musicians to establish their style & brand, deliver a message, and reach greater audiences on video sharing platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

TV quality music videos require large crews, huge amounts of equipment and unparalleled access. For many talented unsigned bands this is totally unrealistic, with budgets for this type of shoot often spiralling into the tens of thousands.

However due to advances in small format cameras, lighting and editing tech, it is possible to achieve a comparable look to big budget music videos, using vastly less equipment & manpower. Put simply, this translates to 80% of the quality, for 10% of the cost; an extremely attractive proposition for regionally successful, but largely undiscovered talent.



Our cinematic wedding films and stylish hi-end photography has been featured in many bridal magazines inc Absolute Bridal and You & Your wedding.

We're not just a London wedding videographer and London wedding photographer team. We’ve shot literally hundreds of weddings from beautiful beaches in Greece to iconic London venues such as The Shard. From Hindu, Jewish, Indian, African and Persian we’ve had the pleasure of capturing them all and we simply love to use our vast experience to create unique wedding films and creative photography.

A wedding story told beautifully through cinematic wedding film is not just about the wedding day itself, it’s the story within the story. The bride & groom, the family and true friends. We’re there to capture the love, the joy, the tears and the crazy once in a lifetime moments for you to watch, listen and share again and again…



Having spend 10+ years professionally shooting creative & corporate content, there has been a vast wealth of subject matter covered, everything from crowdfunding & kick starter videos, product reviews and charity marketing, to taiko drummers and professional bubble blowing promos.

vanloop enables anyone to access high quality video production services, and to use that video production to promote or raise awareness on any topic, using tried and tested online & social formats that retain attention whilst achieving the clients objectives.

If you require a reliable and bespoke creative or corporate video production

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